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Automating the supplier statement reconciliation process.

autorecs. has been created by industry leaders in accounts payable solutions, offering a supplier statement reconciliation service that really works for your business.

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an effective solution for accounts payable teams.

The problem

Reconciliation of supplier statements. A phrase that strikes fear into accounts payable teams.

A time-consuming, confusing and lengthy process, reconciliation of supplier statements is an ongoing issue for AP’s, who have to deal with potentially hundreds of invoices building up each month.

With ‘out of date’ statements and supplier enquiries surrounding invoice payments being a regular occurrence, accounts payable teams typically struggle to keep on top of the reconciliation process with the traditional software in place.

Traditional systems still require the manual process of reconciling supplier statements, which continues to stretch AP’s time, particularly when errors and missing items create lengthy reconciliation processes amongst suppliers.

So, what’s our solution?

Understanding the struggles for AP teams, after years of experience within the Westgate Moore Group, autorecs. provides a fully automated supplier statement reconciliation process.

All located within an easy to use web-based portal, AP teams can highlight any discrepancies within the reconciliation process via the autorecs. platform. This ensures that overpayments, incorrect payments or missing items are quickly highlighted and resolved, creating an efficient process from start to finish.

how does the autorecs. reconciliation software work.

For a small, all-inclusive monthly subscription fee, you will have access to our full reconciliation software solution.

As part of the full package you will be able to:

  • Automatically and effortlessly add unlimited suppliers and statements each month to allow for the reconciliation process
  • Easily and securely transfer purchase ledger and supplier data through our FTP system
  • A fully automated solution that contacts all suppliers automatically asking them to onboard and provide statements
  • Ask for compliance data from suppliers such as insurance documentation, alongside other important documentation options
  • Select your own number of compliance points for each supplier
  • Cleans your supplier database at the touch of a button to reduce potential payment errors

The system is able to:

  • Match supplier statements with the records on your purchase ledger
  • Highlight missing items clearly on a user dashboard; such as credit notes which have been unclaimed
  • Automatically communicate missing items to suppliers to ensure any invoices are accounted for
  • Remind suppliers on a bi-weekly basis to upload their statements to the system
  • Automatically pull purchase ledgers at certain times to allow AP’s to push data as often as necessary
  • See up to date reports on your supplier reconciliation in an instant

With a clear user dashboard and an array of effective features designed to enhance the role of the AP team, the autorecs. platform provides speed and accuracy throughout the supplier statement reconciliation process, from start to finish.

what autorecs. can do for you.


Prevention is better than cure. Which is why our automated reconciliation process provides detailed reporting to highlight overpayments, incorrect payments made to your suppliers as well as those missing invoices.


Staying up to date in the accounts payable arena means prioritising communication. Whether it’s your internal team or external suppliers, we focus on communication to ensure the AP process runs smoothly.


Our reconciliation software allows you to fully automate your supplier statement process, generously reducing the workload for your AP functions.


We offer a world-class accounts payable process designed to improve efficiency and minimise errors, freeing up time, without compromising on accuracy, for busy AP teams.

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